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The Annual Meeting will be held next Tuesday, October 15th, 7 PM at Aldrin Elementary School, 11375 Center Harbor Rd, Reston, VA 20194. The community has had difficulty obtaining quorum in the past. If quorum isn't obtained, the election cannot be held, so it's very important to send your proxy in if you can't attend. As of Tuesday, October 8, 2019, only two proxies have been received. The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to elect a Board member. No voting will be held on the renovation loan/special assessment or any other matters. A separate meeting will be called for those topics. Your participation in the Annual Meeting is still needed, though, so we hope to see you there!

Send proxy, and candicacy application if interested, to Racheal Gore:

The next Board Meeting will be held Monday, November 18, 7 PM at Aldrin Elementary School's cafeteria, 11375 Center Harbor Rd, Reston, VA 20194.

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